Thank you for visiting my page.

My name is Denis Coruzzi. I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband and 18 years old twins, wich are freshman in college. I work full time at IBM doing IT Support.

A few years ago, I was looking to start my own business. I was going to open a little store and already had some products to sell, but was also looking for candles. At the moment I was not looking for a Home Business, or Direct Sales Company, just wholesale candles.

After analyzing wholesale price against MSRP, I decided to give Scent-Sations a try. I signed up on April 2005. Again, only to purchase the candles at wholesale. I had no idea about Network Marketing at all.

A few months later, I started hearing about people reaching different positions in the company and a lot of people starting their business. That got me curious and I started learning more about the industry and started building my team.

Even though I have a busy schedule with a Full Time Job, I am building my business to eventually have the freedom that I am looking for. Time freedom and financial freedom. I know that Scent-Sations will make this possible, something that would not happen with my current Job.